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Auroville Experience Auroville Program
December 7th to 10th, 7.45 am to 5 pm
    1. A four days intensive program to experience Unity and Diversity in the context of everyday life in Auroville, for people who are interested in joining or volunteering in Auroville or for those who seek to deepen their understanding of the community.
      During this time you will have the chance to explore different aspects of the Auroville reality: 
      - Day one you will learn about the roots and history of Auroville.
      - Day two we will become familiarized with some of its current activities. 
      - Day three will focus on the potentialities of the community with emphasis on youth and education.
      - Day four we will try to bring it all together in synthesis with the Dream.
      Here we will answer your questions and doubts. This experience will help you clarify your impressions and insights. It is an opportunity to better understand your inner calling.
      Advance registration is required. NO DROP-IN. On donation basis for long-term volunteers; contribution expected from guests, 50 % discount for people under 30.

For more information: contact us via email at joycommunity@auroville.org.in or by phone at 9442328120. We are always available in Joy Community Guesthouse in Center Field for further clarifications regarding the community at large and to help you discover Auroville.