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Laughing Yoga

Laughter Yoga or Laughing Yoga is a set of joyful exercises to keep yourself healthy. 

Like any other exercise for example: gym, aerobics, running etc the aim of Laughter Yoga too is to keep your body fit and mind sound. The only exception is that it’s a lot more FUN… 🙂 😉

Nikhil Thapar
Nikhil is a Certified Laughing Yoga Teacher from Bangalore, India.

Sivananda registered( 200 RYS, Madhurai, India ) trained hatha yoga teacher, experienced in taking both group & personal classes.

Ayurvedic Massage therapist trained from Anjali school of Ayurveda and Panchkarma in Kerala, India ( Registered with Govt of India).

He has been conducting Yoga & Meditation workshops( hatha yoga, laughter yoga, music meditations, chantings, pranayama etc ) in Europe: Poland (Krakow), Bulgaria (Sofia, Plovidv and Varna ), the Netherlands (Utrecht), Thailand & Russia for 1.5 years & earlier in Dharamshala, Bhagsu, India for about 5 years. He has also been assisting in the 200 RYS Yoga Alliance Teacher Training Programs (creating new Yoga Teachers) with Bhagsu Yoga Institute, headed by Om Shankar Yogi .

Laughter Yoga Classes @ Joy

Laughing Yoga  Class Timings

Thursday and Saturday from 5 to 6 pm