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Tai Chi

Lhamo will be teaching the 24  form of Tai Chi Quan (which is simple style) for beginners; but according to the students level she will stat advance level of Tai Chi Quan as 42 style and Wu Style 37.

About the Teacher

Lhamo (Zhao Zhengrong), from China, started her Martial Arts journey at age 11, when she went to a Kung fu school in Shaolin and stayed there for 3 years, practicing 9 hours a day.

She then went on to study Healing Qi Gong and treat people in Beijing for 12 years. Slowly shifting from outer Martial Arts to inner practices, she studied Ba Gua Zhang and Tai Ji Quan under different teachers, and kept on studying different aspects of Chinese Medicine such as Moxibustion, cupping, infant and children massage, accupuncture and Chinese traditionnal massage.

She enjoys sharing Chinese traditional culture through teaching Tai Ji Quan and giving treatments. The path to self healing took her to many workshops.

In 2010, she started studying modern Hypnosis under the guidance of Stephen Gilligan and later on NLP and Life Coaching with Robert Dilts, whom she still both follows. Their approach to Healing fits her previous learnings and helps her bring a deeper and more wholistic side to healing and self growth.

Moreover, through her years of learning she discovered an accupuncture method which resonated with her and that she loves sharing : facial accupuncture where very small needles are used solely on the face of the patient, which is a mirror of the whole body. It uses a very interesting and immediate way to assess the changes in the body.

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Tai Chi with Lhamo

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