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Hatha Yoga

Yoga works on the whole being. Postures are synchronized with the movements of the breath. With the focus on the present moment, we are aware on alignment, breath and the response of body and mind to our practice. The discipline in our practice teaches the mind to overcome obstacles, both physical and mental. By the end of a practice, we feel a deep relaxation of body and mind.

Yoga offers an age-old way to connect with something within us that is so much greater than what we think we are. A mind, refined and able to concentrate through the disciplined practice of yoga, is prepared for a new understanding of reality.

Yoga has the power to transform and heal a person. It helps us to re-evaluate our old patterns and initiate change. Being a means of transformation, practicing yoga is an expression of respect and responsibility for one’s own life and for the world. As we grow, yoga helps us to connect deeper with the world around us and live our life guided by the values and vision that we carry and protect in our heart.

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We have professional instructors that will guide you to a safe and harmonious practice. Join us for a section and experience your joyful being!

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